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Investing in a Good-Quality Shower Drain

Modest as the equipment may seem, the humble shower drain is an essential building component in the modern bathroom which can be used in private residential bathrooms, sport and leisure facilities, commercial offices as well as hotels.

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Choosing Quality Industrial Flooring

When it comes to choosing the right industrial flooring, there are a multitude of solutions to choose from. The first step in specifying the correct flooring system is asking the right questions.

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A Hands-On and Practical Approach to Training with Kerakoll

Kerakoll is a typical example of this, as it represents a name that specializes in developing pioneering solutions that focus on the environment and improving health and quality of life. By using eco-friendly and naturally breathable building materials, Kerakoll aims to avoid the most common ailments caused by indoor pollution.

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Introducing ACO – The Water Management Solution to All Your Needs

ACO Group (ACO) is a family-run business, founded in 1946. Today, ACO has a presence in over 40 countries, with a total of 30 production sites on four continents. ACO is a world market leader in drainage technology.

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YTONG: The Ultimate Sustainable Building Blocks

Xella Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aerated concrete calcium silicate products, embodying a commitment to the continuous development of innovative, energy-efficient, and sustainable construction materials.

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JMV’s Commitment Towards Educating the Professional

It’s an undeniable fact that real estate is a very lucrative business in Malta. So, it’s no wonder that the construction industry is ever-evolving to meet both local and international standards.

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EVG-3D: The installation process

Erection of construction is quick and easy. EVG—3D panels are light and therefore no cranes are required. Moreover, the construction process is simple and easy to understand, and does not require specialised, skilled labour.

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An Introduction to EVG-3D in Malta

The fast-growing awareness on environmental and economic issues highlights the need for a new, energy efficient and cost-effective building system. This can be done by using materials and designs that promote health and safety while addressing cost and architectural preferences. 

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Waterproofing Flat Roofs in Malta – From Specification to Execution

Whether you’re a seasoned expert in the field of waterproofing, a developer or simply an uninformed home owner with little to no knowledge about how a typical Maltese roof keeps the elements above it out, the way waterproofing works should be of interest to you.

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The Art of Microcement

Microcement finishes have taken the local market by storm, and as the demand keeps growing, JMV Building Solutions are providing the full range of products and technical know-how.

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Discover New ISOMAT Products at JMV

ISOMAT’s R&D Department continuously strive to develop innovative products for the market, whilst persistently seeking to improve its existing ones in line with technological advancements and modern requirements of the construction industry.

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JMV: A Promise of Quality Assurance

Quality is an aspect of our business that’s always kept at the centre of JMV's business model. The Company is ISO 9001 certified – meaning that quality takes centre stage. Processes are in place ensuring that quality is maintained throughout all functions of the business, starting from the selection of suppliers right up to delivery, ensuring the preservation of customer satisfaction throughout.

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JMV reinforce GreenBuilding for the construction industry with Kerakoll

On Wednesday, 17th May 2017, Malta, we were proud to welcome Dr Paolo Casadei, Product Manager at Kerakoll Group, Luca Salvo, Sales Representative at Kerakoll Group and Salvatore Balli, Area Manager at Kerakoll Group. Dr Casadei was the keynote speaker at a Kerakoll Technical Seminar hosted in collaboration with JM Vassallo Vibro Steel (JMV) at the Corinthia Marina Hotel in St. Julian’s.

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Sourcing Quality Steel Reinforcement

Say you are looking to buy a new property – what do you look for? More often than not, the vast majority would certainly base their opinion of the property on whether they think it is aesthetically pleasing and ticks all the right boxes for them. 

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We’re Proud to Introduce KERAKOLL at JMV

KERAKOLL is the GreenBuilding company that specializes in developing pioneering solutions that focus on the environment and improving health and quality of life. By using eco-friendly and naturally breathable building materials this brand avoids the most common ailments caused by indoor pollution. 

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JMV: Taking a Glimpse into Our Company’s Solid Foundations

J M Vassallo Vibro Blocks Ltd was established in 1969 and founded by the late John Mary Vassallo. Back then, our premises was situated between Zebbug and Qormi and its main activity was manufacturing precast hollow concrete blocks. This is in fact the reason behind the name of the Company.

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Introducing the New Range of Steel Reinforcing Meshes

Here at JMV we take pride in what we offer. One of the core products which consolidates our company’s solid underpinning is our steel reinforcing meshes. Quality control and traceability form an integral part of our manufacturing and processing operations. 

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JM Vassallo Vibro Blocks Ltd is proud to be one of the sponsors of the forthcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting to be held between the 25th - 27th November 2015.



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