The company offers quality assured products. In the case of steel to be used in reinforced concrete structures, a post-fabrication quality assurance certificate is cross referenced in the invoice and is available on request.

Due to the fact that a variety of material quality is available on the local market, the Perit normally assumes that the characteristic strength of the material is around 10% less than what is specified in standards. By insisting on the supply of material from J.M. Vassallo Vibro Blocks Ltd., the developer can insist with the Perit to assume a characteristic strength of 460N/mm2 for the steel reinforcement. This would generally result in a 10% reduction in the cost of the steel for the project being constructed.

An assembly service for circular reinforcement is available offering considerable cost reductions in the assembled material supplied. Opting for circular columns in a medium to large scale development would result in considerable cost saving to the developer if the circular section assembly service is utilised, and the contractor's cost saving are reflected in the rates for construction.

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