Kelyfos System


Kelyfos is an external thermal insulation composite system consisting of extruded polystyrene (XPS) thermal insulation boards Styrofoam IB-SL by Dow, adhesives and plaster by Isomat and other materials such as mechanical fixing, fibreglass mesh and more by Polykem. Kelyfos system is the ultimate solution of non-insulated and semi-insulated buildings.


  • Kelyfos is the ideal solution for existing non-insulated buildings as it reduces the cool/heat losses through the walls with energy savings of up to 55%
  • Lower energy costs for heating during winter and cooling during summer
  • Protects the building shell from the elements
  • Stops the formation of thermal bridges and vapour condensation
  • Fast installation of an approved and recognised system with an advantageous price tag which will be refunded through the use of less energy.

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