YTONG: The Ultimate Sustainable Building Blocks

Xella Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aerated concrete calcium silicate products, embodying a commitment to the continuous development of innovative, energy-efficient, and sustainable construction materials. Xella guarantees reliable, on-time and cost-optimised construction with building materials that represent high quality, customer-oriented solutions, and products with impressive benefits. With the YTONG low energy blocks, Xella Group sets the new standard for energy-efficient, solid building, load bearing aerated concrete blocks with excellent thermal properties, which can be used to construct supporting inner and outer walls.

The construction industry is responsible for a significant portion of global CO emissions, which in turn increase the green-house effect and directly impact climate change. In view of this, all existing building regulations will be subject to heavy scrutiny in the near future, and current regulations for existing and new buildings will become more stringent with respect to the energy-performance of such buildings. 

Newly built houses must attain almost zero-energy standards as from 2020, following a decree issued by the European Commission. The main objective of such newly-revised regulations is to achieve an overall reduction in energy consumption for houses and other buildings in general. YTONG building blocks fully comply with the requirements of current and tightening regulations, making it an obvious choice. 

Aerated concrete used in the YTONG block is a unique material used in construction. Composed of a combination of limestone, sand and cement, aerated concrete is 100% natural and has excellent structural properties that make it very suitable for construction and unique as a finished product. Additionally, with the composition of the YTONG block being 100% natural, it is also fully recyclable. 

With the addition of a small amount of aluminium powder, a large number of tiny, sealed air pockets are created during the production process. These air pockets optimise the product’s thermal insulation and heat accumulation properties, making it the best possible insulator on the market. The block’s low thermal conductivity value ensures the gradual release of the stored heat. Indeed, it is this very characteristic that contributes to added living comfort and lower energy consumption. 

Aerated concrete is also water-resistant and capable of storing and subsequently, releasing moisture. This water vapour-regulating capacity ensures the perfect humidity conditions indoors. Additionally, because of its high aeration value, aerated concrete is very lightweight, thus, making it easier and safer to process. The YTONG concrete block is also proven to be fire-resistant. Moreover, it is interesting to note that the blocks retain their properties during the entire lifespan of a building and therefore never loses its energy efficiency or structural value. 

Our technical team at JMV are fully-trained and equipped to provide you with all the information and support required to help you meet the more stringent regulations being implemented by authorities in the construction industry. While it is the structural engineers’ responsibility to ensure the stability of any structure, our team can gladly assist you with product calculations and design information as and when required.

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