JMV: Taking a Glimpse into Our Company’s Solid Foundations

JMV: Taking a Glimpse into Our Company’s Solid Foundations

A Renowned Company that Stood the Test of Time

J M Vassallo Vibro Blocks Ltd was established in 1969 and founded by the late John Mary Vassallo. Back then, our premises was situated between Zebbug and Qormi and its main activity was manufacturing precast hollow concrete blocks. This is in fact the reason behind the name of the Company.

Undoubtedly, our company was built from humble beginnings.  We had no electricity during the early years of the company and all operations were executed by means of a generator. 

Market conditions were also far from optimal at the time. While there were only about three manufacturers of precast concrete blocks in the market, the fact that precast concrete blocks were a relatively novel advancement in the building industry and were only just being introduced to the island as a new system of construction, the demand was quite low as contractors were hesitant, at first, to switch to a different construction method, as they were only used to working with globigerina stone. Moreover, the price of precast concrete blocks were much more expensive than the local stone. 

Fast forward to 1974, and the operations moved from the manufacturing of precast hollow concrete blocks, to the supply and production of steel reinforcement and steel sections. 1978, was a pivotal year for John’s son, Raymond, because it was the year he joined the company. Over time, the company continued to grow across the Maltese islands, and in 1982 the first warehouse equipped with gantry cranes was inaugurated. This facility brought with it a monumental change to the company’s daily operations. Employees were able to work inside, protected from the elements, and most importantly, their tasks could be completed in an easier and safer environment. This in turn, allowed customers to be supplied with loading facilities at a faster pace. 

1990 was yet another crucial year for the Company as new factory facilities were built and a brand new electro-welded steel reinforcing mesh production line was installed. This meant that the supply of mesh was now more readily available whereas prior to this, shortages in the supply of mesh were frequent in the industry. 

In 2008, a new electro-welded reinforcing steel wire mesh production line, as well as an automatic steel sections cold cutting and drilling line, were installed. With these new production lines, we were able to provide our customers a much higher level of quality and service.

More recently, J M Vassallo Vibro Blocks Ltd became the parent company of a subsidiary company, J M Vassallo Vibro Steel Ltd, collectively known as JMV. While J M Vassallo Vibro Blocks Ltd is considered the manufacturing arm of the group and entirely responsible for the processing and production of steel reinforcements and steel sections, J M Vassallo Vibro Steel Ltd is the trading arm of the group. This means that all sales of steel reinforcements and steel sections, as well as other products sold by the company are sold through the subsidiary. 

While for the past 43 years the main operations of the business (which entails the production of steel reinforcement and sections) has remained unchanged, the company sought to developed its product line further in order to accommodate its customers’ exigencies. Eventually, this saw the introduction of various products relating to insulation, water management systems, waterproofing, and an array of other products. Moreover, in 2013, the installation of a production line to produce EVG3D, load-bearing insulated panels, introduced a completely new construction method to the Island, incorporating energy-efficiency, strength, as well as the use of light materials in construction.

Needless to say, JMV’s triumph has come with a great deal of the commitment to quality, which dates back to the very beginning of our company’s existence. We incessantly strive to maintain the value of our materials as one of our key objectives. Our sources originate from raw materials of the highest quality from various EU and non-EU countries such as Italy and Turkey. We also verify that machinery and equipment is purchased from reputable manufacturers who ensure that the quality of the end-product continues to fulfil all the industry quality standards and safeguard that the production process is as efficient as it is precise.

Eventually, our commitment to quality was further enhanced through the company’s investment in its own in-house Quality Control Laboratory. This allowed us to perform additional testing on the raw material, which in turn, instilled further confidence in the level of quality of our products. 

Throughout the years, our business’s philosophy to aim for nothing but the best, has endured. This is ultimately what makes us more passionate about our work and why we celebrate both its past and present successes. Indubitably, JMV’s solid foundations have allowed us to pave the way to achieving our goals, which we aspire to continue doing in the future.  

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