Ytong Multipor

Multipor - Interior Insulation

Ytong Block - Non load bearing - For internal or external walls                         

Ytong Blocks are available:

Size: 250mm x 625mm

Thickness: 100mm, 150mm


YTONG Multipor is an insulating material designed to be used to insulate buildings from the inside. This makes sense and is especially useful where there are old buildings which may have protected façades and these buildings need insulation and restoration. There’s where YTONG Multipor comes in. YTONG Multipor insulates excellently and as effectively as conventional insulation methods and types. By using YTONG Multipor one reduces heating and cooling costs thus increasing the living comfort of the building. Moreover; mould and moisture can be prevented and climate protection is achieved through the use of YTONG Multipor.

YTONG Multipor can be used on;

  • Old and new buildings
  • Restoration of old buildings
  • Buildings protected as historical monuments
  • Schools, nurseries, churches, hospitals, social facilities, houses, apartments
  • Offices which need to be renovated whilst they are in operation

With YTONG Multipor;

  • The façade will remain as is
  • Satisfactory insulation is achieved where previously not possible (due to protection as historical monuments etc.)
  • Quick heating and cooling of the insulated building is achieved and exterior elements (i.e. cold in winter and heat in summer) are blocked off 


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