Plaster Primers


Acrylic slurry prime coat

Water-based, white or colored, acrylic slurry prime coat with very fine aggregates. It improves the substrate’s roughness before the application of decorative plasters of all types (cement-based, acrylic, silicone, silicate). Furthermore it ensures a uniform color shade of the final surface, especially when a dark colored plaster has been selected. Suitable for interior and exterior applications.


Plaster primer - Dehydration barrier

Concentrated plaster primer-dehydration barrier. It is applied upon dilution with water on surfaces that will be subsequently plastered. It prevents fast absorption of plaster's water by the substrate. Suitable for aerated concrete surfaces.


Plaster adhesion primer

Adhesion primer consisting of synthetic resins and quartz sand. Used for priming smooth or non-absorptive surfaces, instead of spatterdash (rough cast), in order to increase the adhesion of the subsequent plaster. Ideal substrate for gypsum plasters. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


High quality acrylic water-based primer

Highly penetrative, polymer aqueous emulsion. Used in combination with the highly elastic waterproofing paint FLEXCOAT, it forms an ideal system for the waterproofing of walls. It is also the ideal primer for the acrylic pasty plaster MARMOCRYL.


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Adhesion primer for silicone plasters

Silicone polymer aqueous emulsion which stabilizes porous substrates and ensures the proper adhesion of silicone plasters MARMOCRYL SILICONE.

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