Tile and natural stone cleaner

Tile and natural stone cleaner. Removes lime residues, plaster, cement etc.


Special solvent for epoxy systems

Thinner for epoxy products cleaner of tools used in epoxy system applications. Used in combination with Isomat® AG 77 to clean surfaces from graffiti.


Special solvent for polyurethane coatings

Solvent used to dilute polyurethane coatings. Especially suitable for diluting the brushable polyurethane waterproofing membrane ISOFLEX-PU, when applied by spraying. It can also clean tools used for the application of ISOFLEX-PU and also tools from epoxy coatings residues. Additionally it can be used as a thinner for epoxy coatings. For polyurethane coatings SM- 16 is added in a proportion up to 10% by weight.


Oil and grease remover from concrete floors

Removes oil and grease residues from concrete floors by emulsification.


Antifungal cleaning fluid

Special cleaning fluid with antifungal activity. Cleans and disinfects surfaces from mold, bacteria and algae. It may however be a precaution to prevent the occurrence of microorganisms in high humidity situations. It is very effective for cleaning surfaces such as walls, ceilings, natural stone, brick, concrete, pools, etc. Furthermore, it can be used for decontamination of fungi and maintain sanitary conditions in places such as kitchens, restaurants, hotels, factories or warehouses food, commercial ovens, etc.


General use cleaner

General use liquid cleaner. It is used to remove stains of coffee, wine, oils, grease and other similar stains from tiles, marbles, granites, formicas etc


Special cleaner for tile grouts

Liquid cleaner for tile grouts. It is used to clean tile grouts from salts, mould, from stains of coffee, wine, oils etc.


Special cleaner for marbles and granites

Liquid cleaner for marbles and granites.It is used to clean stains of coffee, wine, oils, nicotine, ash and other stains from marbles and granites. It does not contain any acid and does not affect the sensitive surfaces. It is applied undiluted on the stained surface and is left to act until the stain is disappeared. It usually takes 24 hours until a stain is removed completely. For difficult stains repeat the same process.


Special cleaner for industrial floorings

Liquid cleaner for industrial areas.It is used to clean stains of oils, grease and other intense stains from tiles, concrete, walls, epoxy floorings, metallic surfaces etc. Due to its effective formula it is ideal for cleaning stains in industrial areas.


Special cleaner for epoxy floorings

Liquid cleaner for epoxy floorings. It is used to clean stains of oils, grease and other intense stains from epoxy floorings.

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