ACO Shower Channel

ACO Shower Channel

The Showerdrain is a channel built into the shower floor which beautifully combines form with function.

The Showerdrain is the perfect high-quality solution for bathrooms featuring glass fixtures and natural stone floors, as well as public applications where the absence of barriers is an important consideration.

The rigid channel body manufactured from stainless steel has a lateral channel gradient to ensure positive drainage of the water.


The removable foul-air trap is also manufactured from stainless steel and is designed for simple cleaning and the effective prevention of odours.

Grating design

Various grating designs are available in finely polished stainless steel to decorate the visible part of the channel. ACO

Showerdrains are available in standard lengths from 700 to 1,000mm. The Showerdrain is an attractive alternative to a conventional shower tray in bathrooms as well as in public areas.

Showerdrain with wave designer grating Simple cleaning with the removable foul-air trap

The product catalogues can be accessed here and here.

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