ACO Shower Drain

More and more builders and architects are opting for a generous, open-plan bathroom design. The inspiration for this trend can be found in the decoration of traditional oriental baths, as well as in modern luxury spas. The features of this new bathroom design style are clear lines high-quality materials and floor-level showers.

Flush to the floor shower channels or shower gullies are comfortable, safe and therefore particularly suitable for people who are physically challenged. Floor level bathroom drainage also offers new aesthetics options in the area of bathroom design.

The drainage of a walk-in shower needs either line or point drainage, and thus a shower channel or a shower gully. ACO Building Drainage offers a series of premium products in this area, which on the one hand are technically advanced, but on the other hand are also striking with their attractive designer covers in stainless steel and glass.

Rigid, load bearing formers with build-in pre-sloped falls to an attractive all stainless steel linear drainage channel combine to provide a high capacity drainage solution.

Available in 2 sizes, the 22mm thick former and high linear drainage channel with a choice of 5 stainless steel gratings, combined with easy and quick installation is the perfect solution for specifiers, installers and users.

Key features:

  • 22mm thick former for level access without a step into or out of the shower area thus offering a seamless and clean design
  • Available in two nominal sizes
  • High capacity drainage with flow rate of 0.9l/s
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Reliable, watertight technology
  • Can be easily trimmed to avoid floor joist conflicts
  • Flat underside for easy joist installation
  • Convenient valley tile cutting aid markers
  • 250kg high load bearing capacity
  • Compatible with ACO ShowerDrain C linear shower channel systems
  • Built-in gully protectors to prevent damage from surrounding board supports

The product catalogs can be accessed here and here.

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