Where should GFRP rebars be considered?

Any concrete member susceptible to corrosion of the steel reinforcement by chloride ion or   chemical attack, in short, everywhere where currently stainless steel, epoxy coated or galvanised rebar is used.

Any concrete member with thin concrete sections where adequate concrete cover is not available such as in architectural precast elements.

Any concrete member requiring non-ferrous reinforcement due to electromagnetic onsiderations.

Concrete exposed to de-icing salts.

  • Bridge decks
  • Median barriers
  • Parking structures
  • Salt storage facilities
  • Approach slabs

Concrete exposed to marine salts.

  • Seawalls, quay-walls
  • Buildings and structures near waterfronts
  • Special constructions like aqua-culture operations, aquariums, amusement park Artificial reefs and
  • water breaks Floating docks Piers, jetties Offshore platforms

Concrete exposed to aggressive elements

  • Chemical factories (bunding areas for leaking tanks)
  • Concrete around pipelines and tanks for fossil fuel
  • Pulp en paper industry
  • Water treatment plants
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Cooling towers
  • Chimneys
  • Agricultural concrete
  • Chemical cisterns and wells
  • Concrete around indoor swimming pools


Electromagnetic applications.

  • MRI rooms in hospitals
  • Buildings for the calibration of instruments
  • Radar and compass installations
  • Control towers
  • Military installations which need to stay invisible for radar
  • Manholes for electrical and telephone installations and conduits
  • Electric transformer stations
  • Concrete in the vicinity of high voltage cables and substations
  • Laboratories
  • Aluminium and copper smelting plants

Thin concrete sections.

  • Cast stone elements
  • Architectural precast concrete, cornices
  • Architectural cladding
  • Balconies

Tunnelling and boring applications without damaging the

  • cutting equipment (soft-eye applications).
  • Tunnels
  • Mining walls
  • Vertical shafts

Other applications

  • Structural repair of wood
  • Polymer concrete
  • Anchors
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