Multiline Slot Drains

Multiline Slot Drains

Multiline Slotted Drains are slotted drainage systems with high aesthetic value possessing a narrow gap which is discreetly hidden in the structure of the surface.  The system is also ideal for transitioning between two different surfaces. 

The slotted frame consisting of galvanised steel or stainless steel is compatible with all standard pavements or stone slabs and joins the two surfaces almost seamlessly.  The system is superb for the drainage of façades and optically sophisticated surfaces.

Multiline Slot Drains can be maintained and cleaned easily with low or high pressure washers.  They are also easily accessible and thus simplify maintenance of the subsurface polymer concrete or plastic channels with their excellent hydraulic performance.


  • Representative squares and passageways
  • School courtyards
  • Car parks
  • Piazzas
  • Paths
  • Façades

Load Class C 250: sloped or without slope channels made of polymer concrete covered with grate made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. The gap can be set up symmetrically or asymmetrically.

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