Manhole Covers

ACO is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and has manufacturer related product qualifications. In addition, in-house monitoring ensures compliance with the regulations for compliance with DIN EN 124 covering street casting and drainage technology products.

Cast iron has been used successfully in the manufacture of construction products for centuries and is accepted as a reliable choice of material and highly corrosion resistant. Two families of cast iron materials have proved themselves for durable street casting products: grey cast iron and ductile iron ACO is in position to flexibly manufacture and process both materials in an economic manner. 3D design programmes, computer-based foundry processes and load simulations all contribute to state-of-the-art product development. ACO products are therefore not material-dependent, and can deliver the optimum solution for each application.

Round Covers

Operation simplified by reducing the cover weight by more than 50 %. The cover-lock is traffic-safe and maintenance-free to optimise safety and handling. With two covers and four different frames, the Multitop manhole cover programme is suitable for more than 90 % of all applications.

Square Covers

The official standards - design and test principles as well as dimensional standard form the basis of planning and design in drainage technology. Manhole covers are part of traffic surfaces. It follows that traffic safety calls for rules, which have to be complied with by drainage components wherever they are fitted.

Product Brochure

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