EVG-3D Installation Process

Installation Processs of the EVG-3D Construction System - 8 Steps from start to finish

Step 3 - Reinforcing - Panel Splices

Panel walls are reinforced by means of splice mesh. This is normally required at corners, between panels and around openings. This will create continuous mesh reinforcement. Reinforcing ties and bars are used at building element junctions to add strength to joints. Meshes are tied together using pneumatic tools.

Installation Process - Step 3

Step 4 - Forming Openings

Openings for doors and windows can be easily cut on site to specific size as per details. Splice mesh is placed at each corner for consolidation. Extra re-bars are to be included for large openings. To reduce wastage, the panels remaining from an opening can be easily used as filler panels in the wall segment.

This is white text Installation Process - Step 4

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