The drainage system Aco Self polymer concrete was designed and built for the runoff of courtyards, gardens, terraces. The range is very wide, to cover all application needs, and includes channels of different sizes, ranging from elements of minimum height (Mini, Supermini, respectively, 7.5 h ee 5.5) in the intermediate (V Selflock and Self, 10 h, the one with V-shaped, the other with quick fastening system Selflock) channels until you reach larger sizes (and Maxi Supermaxi V, respectively 13 and 18 cm) for applications requiring greater drainage capacity.

The cover can be made with grids bridge in cast iron and galvanized steel or, alternatively, a mesh made of galvanized steel. For the channels set V Self, Mini and Supermini is also the possibility of a drainage slit, with embrasure steel or galvanized steel, for applications where aesthetics play an important role and the drainage system should be almost invisible.

Accessories such as heads for start and end channel, sleeve heads, drains polymer concrete with galvanized steel roof grid and bucket of sludge collection complete many of the series.

                        Width                    Height 

                    Internal      External        (External)

Supermini         100           130              55

Mini                  100           130              75

V-Self               100           130              100

D-Self               100           130              100

Self-Lock           100           130            100-130

Maxi                 150            200             130

Super Maxi         250           300             180

ACO Hexaline

ACO HexDrain is a high strength, high quality channel drainage system suitable for a range of domestic drainage applications.  Manufactured using recycled polypropylene; ACO HexDrain has a range of innovative features which makes installing drainage channels easier than ever.  The high quality, high strength channel system is available in lightweight 1 metre units, making ACO HexDrain quick and easy to install.

A choice of gratings complete the system; black plastic and galvanised steel (supplied as standard channel assemblies) providing different application finishes.  A full range of accessories is available designed to aid simple and fast installation.

These channels are:

  • lightweight
  • rugged
  • unbreakable

thanks to the use of recyclable plastic and an innovative production method. The honeycomb shape of the sidewalls makes the channels exceptionally tough. So strong, they don’t need to be bedded in concrete. The surface covering can directly abut the channels for a clean finish.

The hexagonal structure provides exceptional strength and rigidity whilst keeping weight to a minimum.  The hexagonal shapes are also utilised to provide simple positive connections for accessories.

The product catalogue can be accessed here.

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